The Detroit Crime Commission (DCC), in partnership with the National Insurance Crime Bureau
(NICB), have teamed up to ensure the continuation of the Arson Prevention Reward Program.
For the past thirty (30) years, the NICB, along with Michigan Basic insurance have been funding
rewards to hundreds of citizens for tips leading to the arrest and/or prosecution of arsonists in
the State of Michigan.

New signage has been developed and has been generously underwritten by “Rehmann
Corporate Investigative Services.” These signs will be distributed throughout the State and
advertised on the hotline phone number for people to call once a fire has been detected. Once
the tip has been verified and investigated, awards will be rewarded up to $5,000 to the
person/or persons who gave the information.

“The NICB is very pleased to be working with the Detroit Crime Commission and their
outstanding staff. Together we are committed to keeping the arson hotline going as the DCC
has a proven track record and unwavering commitment to keeping our communities
safe.” Joe Hanley, NICB, Supervisory Special Agent – Midwest Region.

The DCC will be a crucial member on the Arson Reward Board and act as the fiduciary on this project.
The DCC’s Executive Director, Andrew Arena said the partnership is yet another example of the
Crime Commission filling a gap for the public safety community.

Recently, a story was published discussing the DCC’s involvement in this project.  The YouTube video can be viewed here.

Please use the links below to see the Arson Reward Program Guidelines as well as a printable copy of the Arson Control Reward Request Form.

Arson Reward Program Guidelines

Arson Reward Request