Get to know the Detroit Crime Commission

The Detroit Crime Commission’s mission is to create a safe community for southeast Michigan residents by working in partnership with citizens, private businesses, and public entities.

Who We Are

Founded in 2011, the Detroit Crime Commission is an independent, tax exempt nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with residents and community leaders to create safe communities for all citizens.

Our History

The Detroit Crime Commission was founded in 2011 as a tax exempt public charity to serve as a citizen ally with agencies and organizations to improve public safety in Southeast Michigan.

What We Do

The Detroit Crime Commission uses a half a century of law enforcement experience, advanced software, and formally trained intelligence analysts to:

  • 1. Identify criminal organizations actively plaguing our region by determining their structure, membership, and unlawful activity, which is passed to federal, state, and local law enforcement for investigation


  • 2. Identify individuals and groups that are involved in human trafficking in the region or pose imminent threats against large gatherings and property


  • 3. Use our law enforcement experience and unique position in the community to add our voice to social change through greater transparency, new beginnings for gang leaders, and partnership with the Detroit Public Schools Community District Police Department and law enforcement at large

Where To Find Us

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events