Criminal Investigative Support

The DCC uses tips and publicly available data bases to help identify potential criminal activities. Intelligence packages regarding potential criminal activities are forwarded to appropriate criminal agencies for investigation and prosecution if warranted


ThreatIQ is a unique technique used by the DCC to identify potential threats across social media.


This unique partnership is conducted in coordination with the Wayne County Prosecutors Office. Safeguard provides temporary housing to witnesses that need protection from potential retribution.

Blight Abatement

The DCC has a long history of working with DTE to reduce blight in Detroit.

Fiscal Agent

The DCC supports government and other community organizations by acting as a fiscal agent. The DCC uses its status as a 501(c)3 to accept funds from foundations and other charities on the behalf of government agencies and community organizations that lack non-profit status.

Crimes Against Women

The DCC has a long history of working to solve and prevent Crimes Against Women. The DCC currently acts as the primary fiduciary for the Wayne County Sexual Assault Kit project. The DCC also analyzes crimes against women in order to identify potential prevention and solution mechanisms.

Detroit Public Schools

The DCC is supporting the Detroit Public Schools by providing analytical support to the Detroit Public Schools Police Department. DCC analyst's review incident data and provide threat assessments to help solve and prevent crime on Detroit School properties.

Detroit Friends and Families

The DCC provides fiduciary and analytical support for Detroit Friends and Families. Detroit Friends and Families is a community-based organization that works to provide violence intervention services to Detroit's youth.

Threat Assessments

DCC analysts are skilled at monitoring social media, public source data bases and the open web to identify potential threats to public or private events. Threat Assessments are prepared for a variety of DCC partners.