The DCC is partnering with the Lansing Police Department to establish a cold case unit to help solve crimes and bring closures to the families of the victims of violent crime.

Safe Distance

According to a November 20th article by The L1ght, an Organization that tracks online harassment, there has been a 70% increase in cyberbullying in just a few months. Aside from the increase in technology use, there are other factors contributing to the rise to include increased stress.

Public Corruption Investigations

Like the name implies, DCC uses data analysis or tips from concerned citizens to uncover instances of public corruption. Analyzed tips are presented to the appropriate law enforcement (LE) for follow-up.

Criminal Investigative Support

Similar to public corruption investigations, DCC uses public facing or data supplied by LE to support their investigations. Once our analysis is complete, the data and the results are returned to the requesting agency.


The umbrella platform for two different initiatives; GangIQ and Threat Assessments. More so, it represents a suite of software solutions and techniques used to harvest and analyze social media for intelligence purposes with the goal of preventing acts of violence to mass casualty events or individuals.


This one-of-a-kind initiative was born out of a need to provide funding for the safe movement/relocation of witnesses of violent crimes in Wayne County. It has since grown to include specific funding for LGBTQ witnesses of violent crime. All requests are vetted through the Wayne County Prosecutors Office.

Anti-Human Trafficking

Using Traffick Jam, our goal is to identify human trafficking organizations and report them to the proper authorities. The DCC uses sophisticated software developed at MIT and formally trained intelligence analysts to harvest ads from the classified sections of print and electronic media. A time, location, and content analysis are then done with an interest on evidence that suggests human trafficking. To date, the DCC has referred more than three dozen instances of human trafficking to law enforcement.

Legislative Analysis

When requested and using law school graduates, third year law students, or master’s candidates, the DCC conducts analysis on existing and proposed legislation for impact on community safety.

Law Enforcement Training

Every year, the DCC has sponsored training tailored to the needs of law enforcement (Honor Killings, and Self Defense for TV, etc.)

Blight/Nuisance Abatement

A partnership with DTE, one of the DCC’s core missions is the elimination of blight in the city of Detroit. Morphing from direct involvement, the DCC now teaches community members how to investigate, report, and bring private civil lawsuits against owners of open, vacant and dangerous properties.

Fiscal Agent

Based on the strength and reputation of its executive management, the DCC has been asked to act as fiscal agent for government and non-government agencies alike that receive foundation funding. The currently acts as the fiscal agent for Wayne County Prosecutors Rape Task Force, Keeping Them Alive, and the Battle Creek Police Department.

New Beginnings

Born out of GangIQ, the New Beginnings Initiative is the DCC’s unique commitment to public safety in Detroit. At its core, it is the intentional targeting of gang leaders and influencers for a new beginning. Evidence has shown they hold the gang together and like any system, remove the leader(s) and the system begins to dissolve, or collapse. The DCC and its partners have targeted nearly 40 former gang members for a new beginning free of violence and the ever-present fear of incarceration. A beginning filled with education recovery, skills trade and more importantly – hope.