DEDI – Detroit Eastern Initiative (DEDI) is a $1 million grant from the department of Justice -bureau justice assistance. Awarded to the DCC  in 2012, the grant called for a one (1) year research period followed by a two-year implementation period. In July 2014, the DCC  moved into the implementation stage. Since moving into the implementation stage, the DCC  has reviewed, managed, and approved all DEDI related activities in the target area. Since July, the target area has Seen a 60% reduction in both part I (murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping and its Attempts) and part ii (fraud, larceny, damage to property, breaking, and entering) Crimes. Additionally, DCC staff has engaged the community and police through news Letters, block club development meetings, training, and equipment purchases for the DPD.

Save Our Children’s Future – Save Our Children’s Future is a community organization formed exclusively for charitable purposes. The community’s primary purpose is to raise the economic, educational, recreational, and social levels of youth in the community that will deter delinquency and community deterioration.

Save the  “D” – TAKE BACK THE D, Inc. is a non-profit organization that strives to stop precious metal scrappers, criminals, and thieves that cause blight in Detroit. Monies raised by Save the D will be used as reward money for illegal scrapping tips and undercover police operations.