Since its inception more than 126 years ago, the LPD has prided itself on the service it delivers to residents and visitors alike. Yet still, one area that continues to haunt many officers, past and present, is the denial of justice to families that have lost loved ones to acts of violence.

For the 80-plus families that have suffered the pain of murder, every day, their slice of justice slips a little further away. However, with your help, we can change that. The creation of a Cold Case Unit for the Lansing Police Department will bring to bear advances in modern DNA technology to decade’s old cases. Specifically, a small but dedicated unit of experienced crime solvers, could be the difference between justice delayed, justice denied, and safer communities for us all.

Working with LPD, we have designed a cold case unit which would consist of one fulltime LPD detective, two (2) retired detectives, and one (1) intelligence/support analyst. We have established funding at $186,500 per year.

We know this may seem like a lot, but for the dozens of grieving families, it is a small price for justice. And for the community at large, it is crucial that an emboldened killer is apprehended.

Please partner with the DCC and support our capital city’s police department, the Lansing Police Department.

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