Started in 2012, Enough Said (Enough Sexual Assault in Detroit), formally known as the Detroit Rape Kit Initiative is a partnership between Wayne County Prosecutors Office, the Detroit Crime Commission, the Detroit Police Department, and others to include Sorensen labs in Utah to get more than 11,000 rape kits tested. Rape kits are the product of sexual assaults that occurred up to a decade ago that went untested. At the request of the Wayne County Prosecutors Office, the DCC acts as the Fiduciary for funds donated to the Enough Said Initiative. The funds add capacity to the initiative to include testing, investigation, and prosecution. Since its inception, the DCC has facilitated the testing of thousands of rape kits at a significantly reduced price. The DCC was able to negotiate with Sorenson Forensics to reduce the cost of testing for each kit from $1,500 to $498 per kit. The 66% cost savings allowed the task force to test more rape kits at a reduced price. The testing has led to the identification of more than 800 suspected serial sex offenders alleged to have committed sex crimes across 40 states. Currently, more than 270 cases are actively being investigated while nearly 770 are awaiting investigation.